solutions for semantic web (OWL ontologies, SPARQL, reasoning) and model driven development (metamodel, model design, model transformation, code generation)

An ontology-based framework for domain-specific modeling

| Thursday, May 3, 2012
We are proud to anounce that our work on domain specific language and OWL was published on the Software and Systems Modeling Journal

Domain-specific languages (DSLs) provide abstractions and notations for better understanding and easier modeling of applications in a special domain. Current shortcomings of DSLs include learning curve and formal semantics. This paper reports on a framework that allows the use of ontology technologies to describe and reason on DSLs. The formal semantics of OWL together with reasoning services allows for addressing constraint definition, progressive evaluation, suggestions, and debugging. The approach integrates existing metamodels and concrete syntaxes in a new technical space. A scenario in which domain models for network devices are created illustrates the framework.

More infos on article's page


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