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Towards Hybrid Reasoning for Verifying and Validating Multilevel Models

| Wednesday, September 8, 2010
Ontologies and its reasoning services are expected to play an important role in many application domains, as well as in software engineering in general. In model-driven engineering (MDE), models, like UML models, represent and specify software systems.

One problem with using ontologies within software engineering is that while model-driven engineering realizes a four-layer metamodelling architecture, the new version of OWL Web Ontology Language, called OWL 2, it supports only simple metamodelling. Moreover, the semantics of metamodelling in OWL 2 corresponds to the contextual semantics which leads to non-intuitive results. Another issue is that the Open World Assumption (OWA) assumes a model is incomplete. Therefore, we could not validate some constrains in OWA.

We demonstrate multilevel (meta-) modelling using ontologies described in OWL FA, which has a well defined fixed-layered architecture and semantics. As well as an approach to integrate Closed World Assumption (CWA) with OWA in order to use both assumptions for verifying and validating multilevel model.

This joint work with the University of Aberdeen will be presented
at the EKAW conference, October, Lisbon


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